Roberto Nihil Psychologist and psychotherapist FSP

Psychologist and psychotherapist I work in the center of Lausanne for individual and group consultations – cognitive, behavioral and existential. 
Concerning the therapy, there are several specific ways to begin and we will study them together during our first sessions. For example:

  • Change your behaviour;
  • Dealing with suffering;
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and your social environment;
  • Adapt yourself to a new and difficult situation;
  • Make one or several decisions
  • Clarify your professional project…professional orientation;
  • Other.


From a more global point of view there are several objectives which can be worked on in psychotherapy as our collaboration advances :

  • Improve your health(physical and psychological) ;
  • Learn to identify various emotions, regulate them and take them into consideration in your daily life;
  • Increase your capacity of adaptation;
  • Learn to make choices;
  • Personal reflexion on your own existence;
  • Learn to interact efficiently with your environment;
  • Other.

For more information I suggest you look at my website and contact send me an email: