Professional experience

by | Dec 3, 2018

As a FSP specialised psychologist and psychotherapist we first have to complete a Master degree in Psychology. In Switzerland, the title “psychologist” is today legally protected by the LPsy. After the degree a psychologist must train for at least five years to become a psychotherapist. The training means working under the supervision of more experienced colleagues, having relevant experience in counselling and psychotherapy, following treatment as a patient yourself. This is a brief summary of my career path: 

  • Master degree in Psychology at the University of Lausanne.
  • Teaching and research assistantship in counselling psychology, career counselling and cognitive behavioural techniques at the University of Lausanne.
  • Postgraduate psychological psychotherapy education in Cognitive Behaviour Pychotherapy (CBT) and Existential Psychotherapy.
  • Clinical practice as a psychotherapist in hospital center, ambulatory care, and private practice.


As I first trained in counselling psychology and career counselling, I have a broad spectrum of experiences in life transitions. This is combined with a fully achieved clinical CBT training that helps me to mix many different techniques, tools, models and theories so as to stay flexible and adapt myself to your needs.

Creativity and Stimulation are core concepts in the way that I like to design the therapies. My goal is to help people take care of their life at a global level (life uncertainty, existential loneliness) as well as on more specific situations (career path, couple, family, etc.)


Spoken languages :

French, English, Italian.

Professional Associations :

Swiss Association of Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy (website)

Swiss Federation of Psychologists (website)

Vaud Association of Psychologists (website)

Swiss Association for Highly Gifted Teenagers and Adults (website)